Welcome to Dubbers phone. We are a bad credit mobile phone site dedicated to guiding you on how you can obtain a mobile contract with bad credit, with the help of our partners like www.instantmobile.uk. We take pride in being one of the leading sites in offering quality products and services to our clients. This is a site that handles numerous clients who have had difficulties in getting what they want from other sites due to a bad credit history. Now that you have landed here, your opportunities to getting the bad credit mobile phone you desire has been increased by 95%.

What is a bad credit mobile contract?

A bad credit mobile contract refers to the mobile phone offer an individual gets despite having a poor credit score. The phone offer usually includes a phone, limited talk time, limited SMS, and limited data which is paid for over a specified period as per the contract. This means that you get to buy a phone of your choice with communication enabled which you do not have to pay for all at once. In most cases, phone contracts have proved to be cheaper than attempting to buy a new phone.

Who can get a mobile contract?

We are dedicated to helping just about anyone get a mobile contract. We do not seek to deny any the chance to land a phone of their desire in any way. Our mobile phone contract offers are available for all sorts of individuals. Both those with a good and a poor credit history can access our mobile contracts. Our products however are especially designed for those with a poor credit history and are having trouble getting a mobile contract. We assist those with a CJJ, and those bankrupt. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria listed, you qualify as an applicant. We also extend our facilities to those who do not have a credit history and are just entering into the credit world. What is a poor credit score is and how does it affect your borrowing ability? Poor credit scores are usually assigned by the credit reference bureau. This is a financial institution to which lenders send reports about lenders and how they repaid their credit obligations. Poor credit score usually comes about when one has defaulted in one or more credit obligations. This credit ranking mechanism is used to filter risky loan payers from good loan payers. However, in many cases, individuals end up having a bad credit history due to unavoidab le circumstances like loss of a job, business collapse, economic crunches, and terminal illnesses among others. Regardless of ones cause for poor credit history, they often have difficulties in securing loans or any credit facilities. Dubbers phone site started up the bad credit mobile contract offer to help such individuals get the mobile contracts they desire while at the same time getting a chance to improve their credit rating.


  • You must be a UK resident
  • You must be 18 years and above
  • You must have a steady source of income
  • How can I get a mobile phone contract ?

    1. Make sure that you are aware of your credit report status. This will help you improve your chances of getting financed. If there are any pendi ng debts that are adding up to your poor credit rating, you will have to settle them. You al so want to check up for any form of inaccuracy that may be in your account that could reduce your chances of getting the contract.
    2. Remember that you cannot get to decide on everythin g just the way you would like to have it. Since you have a poor credit rating, you already ma de yourself unable to get credit from many other lenders. The bad credit score limits the pho ne contracts you can be awarded. You can be allowed to select band 1 phones or in a few cases, band 2 phones. These ones will most likely see your application approved. Band 3 phones are th e most expensive and are not suitable options for those seeking to repair their credit hi story.
    3. You should prepare yourself to pay a deposit. Netw ork operators may ask you to pay a deposit before your application is approved. This in most c ases is seen in pay monthly contracts. It is seen as a sign that if you can pay for the deposit, then you will most likely be in a position to pay for the contract on a monthly basis. This however i s not a mandatory in all bad credit mobile contracts. However, being prepared makes it easier to access the phone of your choice
    4. You should consider taking up a SIM only contract. This is a sure way of getting your application approved since the payments associated with this co ntract are minimal. No mobile phone is awarded to you for this contract thus leaving the o ption looking less risky to the lender. It remains a great opportunity to repair your credit r anking.